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Founder, The Perry Group LLC

Melissa Perry, has over 14 years of retail sales experience in the exotic car industry. She launched her sales career in the automotive industry with the infamous and highly sought after brand Ferrari. While at Ferrari for over 6 years, she perfected her skills and product knowledge in all brands, which then led her to the Los Angeles area, where she took a management and sales position as the Brand Manager for Rolls-Royce. About a year into managing and selling for the brand, Melissa Perry was graciously awarded Top Performing Sales Dealer of the Year Worldwide, from Rolls-Royce North America.

During her time in Los Angeles she spent over four years selling Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti and all other high line exotics/supercars… she then moved down to beautiful Orange County, where she accepted an offer/position at Rolls-Royce as their lead salesperson and Brand Manager.

Three years had past and after a long and successful sales career on the retail automotive side, she decided that there was a niche within the industry that was missing. Melissa then decided to pursue her dream of playing by her own rules and starting her own company. A company that would allow her to do what she wanted in the industry that she loved most… building longterm relationships and selling cars! With a vast understanding of how the car industry works and having all of the product knowledge that she does… Melissa had foreseen the way that retail buying was and is changing… she then decided to place herself at the forfront of the Automotive Concierge arena, and is truly redefining how and the way to buy a car, as well as the experience that it should be for the most important person… the buyer!

Melissa launched The Perry Group… an exotic and luxury automotive concierge firm, that truly puts the client first, while providing the ability to source the exact car, negotiating the best deal financially and overseeing the finance and delivery right to a client’s door. Retail is changing and The Perry Group is here to redefine what that looks like!


120 Newport Center Drive, Suite 56
Newport Beach, CA 92660