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Melissa was fantastic in helping secure my 911. After chatting about my needs, Melissa locates a car, negotiated a deal and delivered the car to my home within 72 hours. A fantastic experience that I highly recommend.

Leonard Parrella, Porsche 911

Melissa Perry is absolutely amazing!!! I will never step into a dealership again. She not only handled and negotiated a great Deal with truly exceptional Vehicles she helped me solve some unexpected situations a had neglected concerning my llc and some insurance matters. There is nothing that Melissa can’t get done!! I am thankful to have her on my side!!

James Blunt

I purchase a lot of cars… and it’s typically a mundane experience, leaving a lot of room for mistakes and problems. If you want to experience 5 star luxurious service talk to Melissa Perry! She’s there for every part of the process, guaranteeing an incredible experience!

Frank Solman, Rolls Royce Owner
Congratulations on your company. I am very happy for you. It was your perseverance and personality that helped get me into my dream car, the 1995 F355. Your after the sale efforts when we found out about the exhaust header leak was great. You had to deal with a lot of very troublesome associates when you were at Ferrari of San Diego and I am happy you have found a way to make your dream come true with your own business. The F355 also led to me start a car club called ‘Just Drive It’ that does fun drives 2x month. The club was formed back in 2011 and the club is still going strong. I sold my F355 back in 2015 to a friend that is his dream car too. I have had rotator cuff issues which even after surgeries still made driving manual transmissions difficult. I am now driving a 2015 F-Type R that I bought new. May be considering selling it in the near future.
Vas Rao




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